Personalization of products by assembly

Configurators based on this type of customization are based on a set of layers associated with options that are displayed according to the customer's choice.This type of product configurator is very suitable :Glasses, shoes, jewelryFashion accessories, decoration, sports equipment, etc.To bikes, boats, motorbikes ...

escarpin personnalisé
manette de jeu personnalisée
carte cadeau personnalisée

The principles

The backend

Define your options

You create your options and define those that have an impact on the visual produced in the configurator and the prices of the different variations.

The backend

Associate images

Images are associated according to option settings and frames.

The frontend

Visualization of the finished product

On the front end, the customer views the finished project on the views you have defined according to his or her choice of options..

The frontend

Real time price calculation

The customer can see in real time the price of his customization.

The principles in a few minutes

The principles of product customization by assembly in PREDESIRE.

The pumps configurator

The pumps configurator in iframe mode.