Interactions with your e-commerce

Although independent of your e-commerce platform, Predesire is connected to it.Its independence from your site allows you to change your e-commerce platform easily and to keep your configurators. Given the speed at which online sales platforms evolve, this is a point of attention that should not be overlooked.Connected, Predesire allows you to keep the same advantages as a module integrated into your e-commerce platform. It allows you to :

  • Create customizable products on your e-commerce platform
  • To let customers customize from the product sheet
  • To put in the basket with the detail of the personalization having calculated the price in the configurator
  • Automatically generate files for production once the custom product is purchased

The principles


Turn your configurators into products

You can easily publish your configurators, predefined or semi-blocked as a product on your e-commerce platform. Then you manage them like any other product but a configurator replaces the classic product sheet.

Publish your configurator in a few clicks

créer produit personnalisable depuis predesire

Exemple de produit créé pour un Magento

Exemple création produit Predesire dans Magento

Manage your configurable products like other products

You place the products in your catalog as you wish and a configurator will replace the basic product master record.


Let the customer customize and put in the shopping cart

Your customer builds his personalization as he wishes and puts his project in the basket.There he will find the image of his project, the price calculated by the configurator and the details of his options.

La fiche produit affiche le configurateur

votre configurateur dans la fiche produit

Le détail du projet s'affiche dans le panier du client

le projet dans le panier

Your client's project is saved

You can find your clients' projects in your Predesire backend and can follow the status of each of them.When a configurable product is purchased, its status changes in Predesire and the files for production are generated.

PREDESIRE connects easily to most e-commerce platforms thanks to the modules available for Magento, Magento 2, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, ShopApplication.

It can also connect to other e-commerce platforms thanks to its APIs.

Are available :

  • Magento 2 configurator module product customization
  • Prestashop configurator module product customization
  • Shopify configurator module product customization
  • WooCommerce configurator module product customization
  • Configurator module ShopApplication product customization