The predefined configurators

Predefined configurators allow you to present your customers with ready-to-buy projects.

This way you avoid the blank page effect to your customers who may be out of inspiration or short of time. You create configurators around different themes and present them in your e-commerce site and/or in your Predesire catalogues.

The customer arrives on the configurator and keeps his hand free to change anything he wants.

We have seen that the implementation of this type of configurator boosts sales considerably.

personalized gift card with Predesire's configurators
personalized gift card with Predesire's configurators
personalized gift card with Predesire's configurators


The backend

Build a project from the basic configurator

You go to the configurator and create the project that you want to present to your customers.

The backend

Make it a product in Predesire and in your e-commerce site

The project is transformed into a product and you can manage it as such in your e-commerce site and in Predesire.

The frontend

Create a catalogue dedicated to your partner

On the front end, the customer has direct access to products with semi-locked personalization via the catalog you have created for your business partner. (see example at the bottom of the page)

The frontend

Let the customer create his product which remains under control.

The customer can only change what is accessible to him. This ensures consistency in the personalization of the partner.

Discover the principles of the predefined in video

The principles of the predefined configurators to inspire your customers and boost your sales

Predefined projects to inspire your customers

You can offer your predefined configurators directly in categories and trigger the purchase.