Distribute configurators to different stores from the same Predesire platform

Advanced rate rule

Easily set up pricing grids based on several criteria of your configurators (dimensions, surfaces, ...)

Create your configurators quickly


Define the characteristics of your products such as sizes, colors or options selectable by your customers

Customizable areas by adding text

Determine the customizable zones by adding text and associating fonts, colors, positions, number of characters ...

Customizable areas by adding images

Allow your customers to upload their images in jpg or png format while controlling their quality or to select them from your own image bank.

Compatibility of options

Define compatibility rules between your configurators' options


A price that is updated in real time according to the configuration of your customer and according to the customized surface.

Options availability

Easily manage the availability of the options that make up your configurators manually or by connecting to the stock management of your ERP or your e-commerce

Integration with your e-commerce platform

Instant integration with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop

We offer plugins for Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or PrestaShop.

These plugins allow you to:

  • create configurators on your e-commerce platform and position them like any other product
  • display the configurator in the product sheet
  • to place in the cart
  • trigger the generation of files dedicated to the production of your products

Customized integration

Thanks to Predesire's API you can integrate the solution into your proprietary platform or in a specific mode such as BAT.

Our team will provide you with the documentation and will accompany you in the implementation.

Set to your colors

The presentation of Predesire is adapted to your graphic charter for a perfect integration in your e-commerce site.


The configurator is responsive to adapt to your customers' media

Product & Order Management

Follow-up of your clients' projects

Find the details of all your visitors' projects and identify the most popular configurators.

Retrieval of items via API

You can connect your ERP to retrieve production elements directly via the API of the configurator engine

Monitoring your production

Follow the projects to be produced and the progress of the generation of files dedicated to production.

These files can be deposited with you or with a service provider of your choice.

Optimization for printing

Advanced features for automatic generation of print files allow you to define the expected format and quality while automatically controlling the quality of the elements provided by the customers.

The most on social networks

Share on Facebook, Twitter and email

Take advantage of the virality associated with personalized products by letting your customers share their projects on Facebook, Twitter or simply via a URL link



Our team is here to support you throughout your project, from the design stage to daily production.

For more than 10 years, we have been working with our customers to ensure the success of their customization projects. We are happy to share our experience to help you implement the best practices.