Customization by assembly with Predesire

A new customer experience to boost your business

Customization by assembly allows you to:

  • To offer an innovative customer experience
  • To respond to a growing demand from consumers “to have the product that suits me”.
  • To produce locally and to make it known
  • To develop your sales
  • Increase your margins
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A multitude of possibilities for you and your customers

Customization by assembly concerns many products. It generally consists in assembling spare parts or accessories together.

Some examples of possible uses:

  • Shoes
  • Glasses
  • Sports accessories
  • Clothing
  • Decoration
  • Gaming
  • Bikes
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Combine assembly and other customizations

Thanks to Predesire’s configurator engines, you can combine personalization by assembling and adding text and images.

Also you can add printing, embroidery or engraving to your items to make them definitely unique.

All the features of the Predesire personalization solution combine to offer you the best solution and endless possibilities.

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