A business opportunity

PREDESIRE, the 360 customization solution.

How about giving your customers a hand in customizing your products?While responding to a strong and growing demand, you change the relationship to your customers' product and make them your ambassadors.

Increase yours margins

Improve your brand image

Seize new opportunities

Rejuvenate your clientele


Compatibility with today's major CMS

The Predesire solution integrates easily into your e-commerce platform thanks to the available modules.Predesire can also be installed on proprietary platforms.


Predesirean omnichannel solution :

Omnichannel solution : Predesire allows you to pick up your customers wherever they are.E-commerce sites, html pages, terminals, partner pages.

desktop, tablette, smartphone

pages facebook


Bring your customers' ideas to life from 49€ per month